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伝統的工芸品熊野筆 - 日本画筆・水墨画筆・アニメ筆・刷毛製造
Manufacture of Traditional Japanese Brushes(Kumano-Fude/kumano Brushes), Japanese art painting brushes, ink painting brushes, animation's brushes, and HAKE paint brushes

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Our company has been making KUMANO-FUDE(Japanese traditional brushes), a traditional craft, since 1946 in Kumano-cho, Hiroshima Japan. We manufacture a variety of artist brushes and paint brushes, including brushes for Japanese style painting, ink painting, and animation, as well as brushes used in calligraphy, Sanskrit, and Yuzen dyeing.


2024-05-02:It is closed for holidays from May 3 to May 6, 2024.

Please note that some paints are not suitable for Japanese artist brushes.

Shopping Guide / ショッピングガイド

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You can also purchase the product in Japan at either of the above stores or our store. / なお、上記ショップ及び当ショップどちらのでも日本国内での購入は可能です。

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    Shougetsudo manufactures a variety of art brushes and paint brushes(HAKE) for Japanese-style painting, ink painting, and animation. If you are interested in brushes not available in our official online store or would like more information, please visit our main website.