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Our company manufactures art brushes used for traditional Japanese painting, ink painting, and anime background art in Kumano-cho, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan. In addition, we produce specialized "HAKE" brushes used for crafts such as Japanese dyeing and printing, including brushes used by artisans for making these crafts.

Our brushes are handmade by our skilled artisans, each one crafted with care.

Kumano-cho is home to various brush manufacturing companies, with about 80% of Japanese calligraphy, painting, and cosmetic brushes being produced in the town. Brushes made in this region using traditional methods are called "Kumano Fude" and they were the first to be designated as "Traditional Crafts" in Japan's brush industry.

"Shougetsudo," our company, is the largest producer of Japanese painting brushes in this region, and our brushes are widely used throughout Japan. Recognizing the skill of our artisans, Studio Ghibli commissioned us to develop the "Anime Fude"(Fude=Brushe) for animation background art. In recent years, various hand-painted animation background art companies in Japan have used this brush.

Our brushes, including the Anime Fude, are available at overseas art supply stores. Due to an increase in inquiries from individual customers, we have started cross-border sales at our online shop.

However, as a traditional brush manufacturing company, we only have artisans and cannot afford to hire specialized staff for cross-border sales.

Therefore, when delivering products from our company to customers, it is difficult for us to address various issues that arise due to differences in rules, customs, and languages between countries.

To smoothly deliver products to our customers, we kindly ask you to read the Shopping Guide before making a purchase and cooperate with us.

Shopping Guide

- Sales Company Information -
Company Name: Shougetsudo Co,Ltd. / 株式会社 松月堂
Managing Director: NAKAGAWA Kikunori / 中川 聞法
Operations Manager: KUNIMASA Yuya / 國政 悠也

Postal code 731-4221
1-3-4, Dekiniwa, Kumano-cho, Aki-gun, Hiroshima, Japan

business days : Monday to Friday
business hours : JST 8:00 to 17:00

Phone number : +81-82-854-4429
We can only answer the phone in Japanese.
If you must call us.When you call our company, the first person who answers the phone may only speak Japanese. Please say, 'Please switch to Kunimasa.'
Kunimasa can speak only a little English, but will try to help you.

For inquiries in English, please use the contact form at the following URL.


Shopping Guide / ショッピングガイド

Click here for a shopping guide for purchasers outside of Japan.


If you wish to purchase in Japan, please use the following URL (in Japanese). / 日本国内でご購入される場合は、下記URLのサイト(日本語)をご利用ください。

松月堂ショップ【熊野筆】画筆・刷毛(日本語) https://shop.sgd-fude.net/

なお、上記ショップ及び当ショップどちらのでも日本国内での購入は可能です。/ You can also purchase the product in Japan at either of the above stores or our store.