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株式会社松月堂 / Shougetsudo Co,Ltd.


中川 / Nakagawa聞法 / Kikunori

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Hours & Shop Information

- Sales Company Information -
Company Name: Shougetsudo Co,Ltd. / 株式会社 松月堂
Managing Director: NAKAGAWA Kikunori / 中川 聞法
Operations Manager: KUNIMASA Yuya / 國政 悠也

Postal code 731-4221
1-3-4, Dekiniwa, Kumano-cho, Aki-gun, Hiroshima, Japan

business days : Monday to Friday
business hours : JST 8:00 to 17:00

Phone number : +81-82-854-4429

We can only answer the phone in Japanese.

If you must call us.When you call our company, the first person who answers the phone may only speak Japanese. Please say, 'Please switch to Kunimasa.'

Kunimasa can speak only a little English, but will try to help you.

For inquiries in English, please use the contact form at the following URL.

- About gift wrapping -
Even if you write 'gift' in the remarks column, we generally do not offer gift wrapping or message cards. However, we will always wrap your order in our special orange Kumano brush paper, even for regular orders. If the delivery address differs from the order address, the delivery address will always receive a delivery note with the order amount. Please be cautious when sending items directly to a different delivery address as a gift.

- Important Request -
Please be sure to read the Shopping Guide before placing your order.

About Price

- Prices and fees included in the invoice -
The selling price of each product is shown on each product page.
Shipping fees vary depending on the region and delivery service selected.
(DDU/Delivered Duty Unpaid)All prices listed per item and invoices do not include customs duties.
In the case of bank transfers: bank transfer fees.

- Other expenses -
In the case of bank transfers: bank remittance fees(Varies depending on the bank you use)
Import duties and other taxes (varies depending on the destination country)

About Payment Billing Date

Payment methods available for overseas purchases are Amazon Pay, PayPal, and bank transfers. In the case of bank transfers, the buyer is responsible for remittance fees.

Bank Transfer:

Bank Transfer commission fee: 360 yen (w/ tax)

Shipping Date

--Delivery Method--
Orders placed by 10:00 a.m. Japan time will be shipped the same day or the next day. However, please note that orders placed on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays will not be processed for shipment.

Orders will be shipped to the customer's specified address by the shipping service (DHL or ECMS Japan) selected by the customer at the time of order. However, if you live in a remote area, we may ship by EMS. If your address is in a disputed area, we may cancel your order.

--Delivery Period--
Delivery through DHL: Approximately one week from the time of payment.

Delivery through ECMS Japan: Approximately two weeks from the time of payment.

Please note that delivery times may vary and it could take up to 4 weeks depending on factors such as weather, season, traffic conditions, and other unforeseen circumstances.

Once your order has been shipped, a shipping slip number will be provided to your email. You can track the status of your shipment via our tracking website.

While we take great care in packaging, damage may occur due to unforeseen circumstances. If you notice any damage to the packaging upon delivery, please ask the delivery staff to reject the package and check the contents for damage in the presence of the delivery company.

Notes on Refund and Returning Goods

We generally do not accept returns or exchanges, except in the case of defective items or items that differ from what was ordered and shipped.

If you return, exchange, or cancel an order with no defective items or incorrect contents, we will not refund the shipping or return shipping costs.

Please refer to our Refund Policy for details on refunds.

If the item is defective or packaged incorrectly, we will immediately process a return or exchange. Cancellation is also possible in this case.

Please contact us using the contact form at the following URL.