Shopping Guide

This is a shopping guide for purchases from outside of Japan.

Our company manufactures art brushes used for traditional Japanese painting, ink painting, and anime background art in Kumano-cho, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan. In addition, we produce specialized "HAKE" brushes used for crafts such as Japanese dyeing and printing, including brushes used by artisans for making these crafts.

Our brushes are handmade by our skilled artisans, each one crafted with care.

Kumano-cho is home to various brush manufacturing companies, with about 80% of Japanese calligraphy, painting, and cosmetic brushes being produced in the town. Brushes made in this region using traditional methods are called "Kumano Fude" and they were the first to be designated as "Traditional Crafts" in Japan's brush industry.

"Shougetsudo," our company, is the largest producer of Japanese painting brushes in this region, and our brushes are widely used throughout Japan. Recognizing the skill of our artisans, Studio Ghibli commissioned us to develop the "Anime Fude"(Fude=Brushe) for animation background art. In recent years, various hand-painted animation background art companies in Japan have used this brush.

Our brushes, including the Anime Fude, are available at overseas art supply stores. Due to an increase in inquiries from individual customers, we have started cross-border sales at our online shop.

However, as a traditional brush manufacturing company, we only have artisans and cannot afford to hire specialized staff for cross-border sales.

Therefore, when delivering products from our company to customers, it is difficult for us to address various issues that arise due to differences in rules, customs, and languages between countries.

To smoothly deliver products to our customers, we kindly ask you to read the following before making a purchase and cooperate with us.

Sales Company Information / Contact

Company Name: Shougetsudo Co,Ltd. / 株式会社 松月堂

Managing Director: NAKAGAWA Kikunori / 中川 聞法

Operations Manager: KUNIMASA Yuya / 國政 悠也


Postal code 731-4221

1-3-4, Dekiniwa, Kumano-cho, Aki-gun, Hiroshima, Japan


business days : Monday to Friday

Closed: Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, Long Public Holidays in Japan, summer holidays, year-end and New Year holidays

business hours : JST 8:00 to 17:00

Phone number : +81-82-854-4429

We can only answer the phone in Japanese.

If you must call us.When you call our company, the first person who answers the phone may only speak Japanese. Please say, 'Please switch to Kunimasa.'

Kunimasa can speak only a little English, but will try to help you.

For inquiries in English, please use the contact form at the following URL.

About the products we sell (Kumano Fude)

All products sold in this store are manufactured in-house by Shougetsudo.

Our company manufactures brushes and brushes in Kumano Town, Hiroshima Prefecture, and all brushes and brushes sold in our store are Kumano brushes.

Brushes produced in Kumano Town are called “Kumano Fude” brushes, but in order to protect the quality of Kumano brushes and the interests of consumers, the “Kumano Fude” trademark cannot be used without permission.

In order to use the trademark, a company or product must be recognized as complying with the definition of Kumano Fude defined by the Kumano Fude Business Cooperative Association, and we have been certified as such.

Of the Kumano Fudes manufactured by our company and sold in our store, those certified as traditional crafts are labeled with a “Densan Shoushi” sticker, while other Kumano Fudes are labeled with a “K Mark” sticker with a serial number.

For more information on the “Densan Shoshishi” and “K Mark” for Kumano Fude brushes, please visit the website of Kumano Fude Business Cooperative Association.


However, in recent years, we have received requests from brush and brush makers in various production areas to take back their brushes and brushes as they are closing their businesses.

At this time, we are not handling them in our store, but there is a possibility that we may do so in the future.

In that case, if the product is not a Kumano brush, we will always clearly state that it is not a Kumano brush/not manufactured by our company, and if possible, we will include the name of the place of origin and the name of the manufacturer in the product information.

(Important) Requests when ordering

If you have a VAT (TVA)/TAX ID, EORI number, or personal tax identification number required for customs clearance at the time of importation, please indicate the type and number in the remarks field when making your purchase. IOSS is not supported by our online shop.

Please note that depending on the destination country, the importer may be required to pay import taxes and duties at customs clearance.

Additionally, please be aware that we may charge a return shipping fee if the customer refuses receipt or cancels the order due to reasons such as payment of customs duties.

Purchase Information

Table of Contents

No.1-Product Ordering Process

No.2-Payment Methods

No.3-Shipping charges

No.4A-Product Shipping (outside Japan)

No.4B-Product Shipping (within Japan)

No.5-Cancellation and Returns

No.6-Invoice, Receipt, and Delivery Note

No.7-Gift wrapping and Present support

No.8-Inventory, etc.

No.1-Product Ordering Process

(1-1)When the product is displayed, there will be an “Add to cart” button, so save the product you wish to purchase in your cart.

(1-2)A screen for entering your shipping address and other information will appear, so please enter your information.

(1-2a) If there are other items you wish to purchase, press the “Return to Shop” button.

(1-2b)Note: Please make sure that your e-mail address is correct. You will receive a tracking number and invoice (qualified invoice) for your shipment to this email address.

If you do not receive a “Purchase Completion Email” (automatically sent by BASE) within a few hours after your purchase, please be sure to contact us.

(1-2c) If you are shipping outside of Japan, please be sure to read the Shopping Guide for Shipping Outside of Japan.

(1-3)After filling in all the information, click the “Confirm Identity and Proceed to Confirmation Screen” button.

(1-4) As soon as we confirm your payment, we will prepare for delivery. For details, please refer to "headline No.4A or No.4B".

No.2-Payment Methods

(2-1)For purchases from outside Japan

Payment methods available for overseas purchases are Amazon Pay, PayPal, and bank transfers. In the case of bank transfers, the buyer is responsible for Bank transfer and remittance fees.

Fees vary depending on the bank you use.

-About Prices and fees-

Prices and fees included in the invoice.

The selling price of each product is shown on each product page.

(DDU/Delivered Duty Unpaid)All prices listed per item and invoices do not include customs duties.

Shipping fees vary depending on the region and delivery service selected.

-Other expenses-

In the case of bank transfers: bank remittance fees(Varies depending on the bank you use)

Import duties and other taxes (varies depending on the destination country)

(2-2)For purchases from within Japan

For purchases made in Japan, you can choose from a variety of payment methods, including credit card payment, convenience store payment, and bank transfer.

If you choose convenience store payment or bank transfer, you will receive an e-mail with information about the payment method.

Please note that there is a payment period. If the payment period has expired, your order will be automatically cancelled.

(2-3)Shipping Preparation

Once payment is made, you will automatically receive an e-mail confirming that payment has been made, and we will prepare for shipment as soon as payment is confirmed.

No.3-Shipping charges

(3-1) Delivery outside Japan

Shipping costs differ depending on the destination country and the shipping company you choose. If you wish to have your order shipped outside Japan, please be sure to read "No.4A-Product Shipping (outside Japan)".

(3-2) Delivery within Japan

Shipping within Japan is a flat rate of 220 yen.

Domestic shipping is free for orders of 4,000 yen or more.

No.4A-Product Shipping (outside Japan)

For delivery outside Japan

Requests at the time of purchase

VAT(TVA)/TAX ID, EORI number, and individual taxpayer number may be required for customs clearance in the destination country.

Please indicate the type and number in the remarks field when purchasing. IOSS is not supported by our store.

Please note that depending on the destination country, payment of import taxes and duties by the recipient may be required at customs clearance.

Please be advised that if you refuse to receive or cancel your order for reasons such as payment of customs duties, you may be charged for the round-trip shipping costs.

(4A-1)Time to ship

Orders will be shipped the next day or two days after payment is confirmed. However, please note that we are unable to process orders placed on Saturdays, Sundays, national vacations, and other long vacation periods.

Orders and payments received after 5:00 p.m. on Friday will be processed on Monday, but will be shipped the following day.

(4A-2)Delivery service provider

You can choose either DHL or ECMS Japan.

However, if you live in a remote area or in a conflict area, we may ship by EMS.

In case of conflict, your order may be cancelled.

If you choose ECMS Japan, please be sure to read “(4A-5) Precautions”.

Ordered items will be shipped to the delivery address by the delivery company selected by the customer at the time of order.

(4A-3)Designation of delivery date and time

Please note that we do not accept delivery date and time requests.

Please be sure to inform the recipient of the delivery, as overseas deliveries are generally made in person.

(4A-4)Time to Arrival of Products

Delivery by DHL: approx. 1 week from shipment

Delivery by ECMS Japan: approx. 2 weeks from shipment *Please be sure to read “(4A-5)Precautions"

Please note that it may take up to 4 weeks for delivery due to weather, season, traffic and other unforeseen circumstances.

We will email you the tracking number once the product has been shipped. You can check the delivery status on our tracking website.

Although we take the utmost care in packaging, damage may occur due to unforeseen circumstances. If you notice any damage to the package upon delivery, please check the contents of the package in the presence of the delivery company to see if the contents are damaged.


If you choose ECMS Japan or EMS as your delivery service provider, the delivery service provider in the destination country (such as the postal service provider in each country) will be in charge of delivery in that country.

Therefore, there are cases where the delivery company in the destination country may not be able to handle the delivery.

For example, customs clearance procedures in the destination country may stop, delivery may not be possible due to a wrong address, or the recipient may not be available.

Since the quality of service provided by delivery companies varies from country to country, some companies contact the recipient when a problem occurs, while others do not contact the recipient at all.

We do not respond to these problems in the shipping country, unless the delivery failure is due to our negligence.

Therefore, you or the recipient will need to use the tracking number to contact the shipping company in the shipping country.

If you choose DHL, even if the address you provide is incorrect, DHL will stay in touch with you until the end of the delivery process.

No.4B-Product Shipping (within Japan)

For delivery within Japan

(4B-1)Time to ship

For shipments within Japan, we will ship the same day or the next day after payment is confirmed.

Please note that we do not ship on Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, Golden Week holidays, summer holidays, and year-end and New Year holidays.

Orders placed after 3:00 p.m. on Friday will be shipped the following Monday, but please note that depending on the volume of orders, we may not be able to prepare for shipment in time.

(4B-2)Delivery service provider

We will send your order within Japan by Japan Post's Click Post. Basically, the package will be sent to a post box at the delivery address.

If the amount of your order exceeds 30,000 yen, we may ship your order by Sagawa Express, Fukuyama Express, or Yamato Transport due to insurance reasons. (The shipping cost will remain the same.)

(4B-3)Designation of delivery date and time

Basically, we do not accept delivery date and time specifications as the items will be delivered by Click Post to a post office box at the recipient's address.

For large orders, face-to-face delivery by Sagawa Express, Fukuyama Express, Yamato Transport, etc. may be arranged, but at this time, we do not support date and time selection.

(4B-4)Time to Arrival of Products

Although it may be delivered the day after or the day after the date of sending, please allow 3-4 days from the date of sending as a general guideline.

Please note that there may be significant delays due to distance, weather, peak season, and other factors. Especially before Christmas and New Year's are unpredictable.

We receive some orders for delivery on Christmas Day, but we ask that you place your order well in advance, as it is difficult to pinpoint the delivery date.

No.5-Cancellation and Returns

Basically, we do not accept exchanges or refunds for customer reasons. In case of product defects, we will only accept exchanges.

(5-1)Cancellation due to customer's reason

Orders placed through convenience store (Pay-easy) payment or bank transfer will be automatically cancelled if payment is not received by the due date.

For other payment methods, we basically do not accept cancellations due to customer reasons.

(5-2)Refund/exchange for customer's convenience

We do not accept refunds or exchanges for customer reasons.

(5-3)Refunds or exchanges due to defects in products, etc.

The store does not accept refunds for defective products, etc. However, if the product is defective or damaged, please contact us for a replacement as soon as possible.

In the event that an item is out of stock, we regret to inform you that the item will be returned or refunded.

Conditions for correspondence:

If the product is clearly defective or damaged after opening the package.

If the product is defective after one or two uses, even though it was used in a sensible manner.

We cannot respond to defects caused by leaving the art brushs or paint brushes in water or washing them with solvents, etc.

Period for accepting returns:(Initial defects) within 8 days after delivery / (Defect after use) within 1 month after delivery

Return shipping and resending fee: Paid by us.

In any case, please contact us at the address below.

(5-4)Cancellation, refund and exchange contact information

Phone number : +81-82-854-4429 (Japanese only)

Inquiry Form :

When contacting us, please also provide us with your order number.

(5-5)return address

Company Name: Shougetsudo Co,Ltd. / 株式会社 松月堂


Postal code 731-4221

1-3-4, Dekiniwa, Kumano-cho, Aki-gun, Hiroshima, Japan

(5-6)Cancellation, Refund, and Exchange Policy

If you return an item without prior notice, we may not be able to fulfill your return request.

When returning an item, please keep the shipping receipt you received from the shipping company as it will serve as a proof of return shipment.

If the return is for reasons other than the customer's convenience, such as initial defects, etc., please send the item to us with payment on delivery. We may charge you for the shipping fee if you return the product without prior notice.

No.6-Invoice, Receipt, and Delivery Note

-In case of purchase from outside Japan

A printed invoice and delivery note will be enclosed with your order.

The invoice will be sent to the customs office of the destination country at the time of shipment as customs electronic data.

For receipts, please print out your own payment details for the payment method you have chosen.

-For purchases made in Japan

An invoice (qualified invoice) will be automatically sent to the e-mail address registered at the time of purchase when the goods are shipped.

The delivery note will be enclosed with the product.

For receipts, please print out your own payment details for the payment method you have chosen.

We do not accept the issuance of a separate receipt in the name of your company.

For more information, please refer to the Shopping Guide of our store for Japan. (Japanese)

No.7-Gift wrapping and Present support

(7-1)About Gift Wrapping

Although you may have indicated “gift wrapping” in the remarks column when making a purchase, we do not accept gift wrapping.

Even if you make a regular purchase, we will wrap it in an orange bag or wrapping paper specially designed for "熊野筆(Kumano Fude)".

(7-2)About Present support

When making a purchase, you may indicate in the remarks column that you would like the order to be delivered as a gift (e.g., without a delivery note, with the amount crossed out, etc.), but we do not accept such requests.

Even if the address of the customer and the delivery address are different, we will send the order with a delivery note with the amount of the order, as the information necessary for later inquiries is included on the delivery note.

We do not support sending a delivery note with the amount crossed out.

Therefore, please be careful when using this service as a gift.

No.8-Inventory, etc.

(8-1)About the number of stock on display

We are a manufacturer of art brushes and paint brushes(HAKE), but we basically store our brushes as semi-finished products (in the process of manufacturing), not as finished products.

This is because we make hundreds of types of brushes, and it is inefficient to store all of them as finished products.

For this reason, the number of products listed in our store is also limited to a small number of finished products, so the number of products in stock is low.

If you are short of the quantity you need due to low stock, please contact us.

We will make them as soon as we have enough stock of the brushes tip and shaft, and if our craftsmen are available.

The estimated production time is about 2-3 days for paint brushes(HAKE) and 5-7 days for art brushes because it takes time for the glue to dry after finishing and other processes.

(8-2)About unlisted products

We currently manufacture over 600 types of art brushes and paint brushes(HAKE).

It is difficult to list all of them, so some of them are listed on our main website JP( EN(

In our store, we carry only a part of them.

Please contact us if you are interested in a product that is listed on our main site but not yet listed in our store.

(8-3)About Special Order Products

Please contact us if you are interested in producing brushes and brushes of your own choice.

Although there are some conditions, such as a minimum lot size, we may be able to accept even a small quantity (although at a considerably higher price).