OKONOMIYAKI-BAKE 75mm (food,cooking) / お好み焼き刷毛 75mm

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Usage:Okonomiyaki sauce application, cooking sauce coating
Main raw material:Goat hair, Japanese cypress
Other materials:Food Sanitation Law-compliant special adhesive and silicone rubber
Full length:312mm
Brush head width:75mm(2.5寸)
Brush head length:38mm
Brush head thickness:4.5mm(root)

Product Details:This brush is specially designed for applying sauce to okonomiyaki.
The bristles are made of goat hair, which is a little stiffer than other types of goat hair and can hold the sauce well, allowing the sticky sauce to be applied firmly to the okonomiyaki.
The side of the handle of our brushes has a gap (right brush in the fourth photo), but this gap is completely filled with silicon rubber (left brush in the fifth photo), which conforms to the Food Sanitation Law, so that no sauce can get into the gap, and there is no cavity in the handle. Therefore, even if the brush is plunged into the sauce, the sauce will not get into the handle, which is an excellent feature in terms of hygiene.
In addition, in order to remove odors peculiar to animal hair, such as goat hair, the bristles are thoroughly cleaned with a food-safe cleaning solution after being boiled to remove odors.


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¥2,860 ($18.59) tax included