brush- set Japanese Hand-dyeing (Yuzen) / 手描き染めセット

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This set is for painting patterns and designs on cloth or fabric using brushes and brushes, as in yuzen dyeing.

SOKUMYO M (則妙 中)
The brush can be used to copy a rough sketch, to draw directly, or to paint in as a coloring brush since it contains well.

ITACHI-MENSO SS LONG(イタチ面相 細長 面相筆)
https://en.sgd-fude.shop/items/69344543SASHIBAKE-short handle-slant
The ultra-fine, long tip allows you to draw long, thin, beautiful lines. Fine writing and finishing are also possible.

SASHIBAKE-short handle-slant(差指刷毛 短柄 片羽)
Lines can also be drawn at the point, and the outline can be filled in or blurred.

This brush is also used by professionals.

We have a set of 5 basic brushes among many.
Many people change brushes for each color.
Please try them out first.

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¥9,350 ($59.84) tax included