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sets-haiga-fude-A (Haiku picturesumie) / 俳画筆セットA

¥3,740($23.56) tax included

Payments will be paid in Japanese yen. The price in the foreign currency is a rough estimate.

Shipping fee is not included. More information.

This item can be shipped outside of Japan.

This will be a set for haiga painting.

The haiga brushes are for painting suiboku-ga (ink painting) and sumi-ai-ga (ink painting).

Menso brushes are for fine writing and small characters.

In general, haiga is a simplified painting of haiku (s?ga).
It can be painted freely without formalities.



The above two brushes are included in the set.

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¥3,740 ($23.56) tax included


      Shougetsudo manufactures a variety of art brushes and paint brushes(HAKE) for Japanese-style painting, ink painting, and animation. If you are interested in brushes not available in our official online store or would like more information, please visit our main website.