brush- set Japanese Painting Beginners-minimal / はじめての日本画用筆セット ミニ

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This set will be the basic brushes needed for japanese painting.

This set was created for those who are new to japanese painting and are not sure which brush to choose.

This set is a minimal mini set. It is intended for smaller sizes.

EBAKE 45mm (絵刷毛45mm)
This brush is used to paint the base and background. The brush is used to paint the entire surface.


This brush can be used for both coloring and line drawing.
It can be used to draw in dark lines using the outline lines transferred on Japanese paper as a guide.
It can also be used for coloring as it contains water well, and its thinness allows you to apply even the smallest of details.

ITACHI-MENSO S (イタチ面相 小)
This brush is used for detail writing and finishing. Also used in the first preliminary drawing stage.

Japanese painters are also using it.

Recommended as a first basic set.

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¥5,610 ($39.83) tax included