ANIME-HIRAFUDE No,7 / アニメ用平筆 7号

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This brush is easy to use for groundwork and various outline drawings in animation background art, as well as for Japanese painting, design and posters.

This flat brush was produced by selecting the finest and most resilient goat's tail bristles.

The elasticity from the tip to the base of the brush is stronger than that of the 'Special Flat Brush for Animation', which gives the brush an edgy writing feel.
Full length:272mm
Brush head Width:19mm
Brush head length:26mm
Product Details:Designed for writing animated backgrounds

This brush is made of high-quality goat hair, which is soft but has elasticity and a smooth writing feel.
It is also good for edges, and it has excellent paintability.

It can be used for thick paintings, backgrounds, roughs, blurring, etc. It is versatile.
Suitable for watercolor paintings, Japanese-style paintings, hobbies, POP design, etc., in addition to animation backgrounds.

(CAT:Anime-fude )

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¥3,300 ($22.11) tax included