TOKUSEN-ANIME-HIRAFUDE-TAN(blur) No,8 / 特選 アニメ用平筆 淡 8号

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Created in response to a request from a professional creator.

The brush does not directly apply the paint, but can lightly stroke the painted area with the tip of the brush to blur the border between the colours.

It is useful for creating gradations as it can blur even the smallest details.

Our company repeated the test many times and created this "Specially Selected Flat Brush for Animation - Tan No. 8".

This product is a luxurious gem, infused with meticulous manual craftsmanship. It is recommended for professional creators in painting and animation production, as well as hobbyists and students who draw animation backgrounds.

Main raw material:goat hair
Full length:265mm
Brush head Width:21mm
Brush head length:26mm
Product Details:Designed for writing animated backgrounds.
Beautiful gradients can be drawn

In addition to animation backgrounds, it is suitable for watercolour painting, Japanese painting, hobby and POP design.

(CAT:Anime-fude )

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¥2,200 ($14.74) tax included