Etsuke-fude No2(roketsu dyeing,yuzen,pottery,ceramic painting,dami)/絵付筆 ローケツ用/ダミ用 2号

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They are also used in traditional Japanese crafts such as pottery painting, dami-style brush painting, roketsu dyeing, and yuzen dyeing.
They are highly favored by artisans.
Sizes range from 2~14.

damifude is a thick brush with bundles of deer hair, used for painting ceramics.

Especially when painting on unglazed porcelain, it is important to fill the brush with plenty of water, otherwise the porcelain will absorb the water and the lines will break and not last
Roketsu brushes are used to apply melted wax to cloth.
These brushes are used for wax dyeing, a dyeing process using wax. They are specially made to withstand hot wax.

Production takes place in Kumano, Hiroshima, Japan, a town famous for its brushes, where they are made using techniques handed down over many years. Each piece is produced by artisans while respecting traditional Japanese culture.

Usage:Rouketsu dyeing, ceramics, crafts.
Main raw material:Goat hair, goat tail, deer hair
Full length:215mm
Brush head diameter:4.5mm
Brush head length:23mm

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¥660 ($4.29) tax included