kazemai-fude No,2( Calligraphy, line drawing )/ 風舞筆No,2

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It was developed as a brush that makes it easy to draw alphabets.

It is well received as a brush that allows you to draw not only lines and surfaces but also letters as freely as a pen.

Slightly smaller than No 1.

Produced in Kumano, Hiroshima Prefecture, a well-known brush production area, using techniques handed down over many years.

Each brush is made by hand by craftsmen while respecting traditional Japanese culture.

Uses Calligraphy brushes, line drawing brushes.
Main raw materials: weasel, goat and deer hair.
Total length: 205 mm
Brush head diameter: 7.3 mm
Brush head length: 18.2 mm
Description: developed for writing the alphabet.

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¥4,620 ($29.57) tax included