Kazemai-fude No,1( Calligraphy, line drawing )/ 風舞筆No,1

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This brush was developed as an easy-to-use brush for drawing alphabets.

It is popular as a brush that can be used to draw not only lines and surfaces but also letters freely, just like a pen.

Easy to use for both large and small characters. The tip is well developed.

The brushes are produced in Kumano, Hiroshima Prefecture, a town famous for its brushes, using techniques handed down over many years.

Each brush is produced one by one by craftsmen while respecting traditional Japanese culture.

Use: Calligraphy, line drawing brushes.
Main raw materials: weasel, goat and deer hair.
Overall length: 214 mm
Brush head diameter: 9mm
Brush head length: 27.3mm
Description: developed for writing the alphabet.

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¥6,600 ($42.24) tax included