BONJI-FUDE satsuki No.2 (sanskrit,lettering,tole painting) /梵字筆 皐月 2号 (梵字刷毛)

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A Sanskrit brush is a rustic brush for writing Sanskrit characters. Following the popular Weasel Sanskrit brush and Mink Sanskrit brush, the new Sanskrit brush Satsuki is now available.

It offers a smoother writing experience than the mink Sanskrit brush, and has a better ink content and a fluffier line quality. It can write more beautiful curves. Recommended especially for those who find mink Sanskrit brushes too strong. Suitable for writing Sanskrit and Sanskrit characters used in Buddhist temples.

It is used for a wide range of works, not only Sanskrit, but also design and calligraphy. It can be used for different works.

Produced in Kumano, Hiroshima Prefecture, a town famous for its brushes, using techniques handed down over many years. Each piece is produced by artisans while respecting traditional Japanese culture.

Usage:Sanskrit, Sanskrit, Calligraphy
Main raw material:weasel
Handle Length:210mm
Brush head Width:6mm
Brush head length:11mm
thick :2.5mm

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¥1,760 ($11.79) tax included