HIKIZOMEBAKE 150mm (dyeing brush) / 引き染め刷毛(5寸)

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Usage:Dyeing, Yuzen, stencil dyeing
Main raw material:deer hair
Full length:130mm
Width of tip: 150mm
Thickness of tip: 65mm (tip of ear)
Product Description: Hikizome is a dyeing method in which the dye solution is applied to the fabric with a brush.

This dyeing method is used not only for hand-painted yuzen, but also for katayuzen dyeing, komon dyeing, and kata-yuzen dyeing.

Please understand that there are individual differences in the brushes because they are made by hand.

Since the brushes are made to order, we may not be able to deliver immediately if there is a large number of overlapping orders. Please understand this in advance.

When using the brushes, please follow the following instructions.
Soak the brush in water for 1-2 hours before use to inflate the wooden handle and prevent the bristles from falling out.

*After use, please drain water thoroughly after rinsing with water.
Moisture contained in the base of the brush will cause the brush to rot (due to steaming).

If the room temperature is low and dry, it can be stored indoors.
If you are not able to prepare a storage environment, store in a refrigerator throughout the year.

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¥8,800 ($57.20) tax included