KOHIN-SYAKYO-FUDE(sutra writing) / 貢品 写経筆

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Usage:sutra wraiting brush,Japanese kana brush,
Main raw material: Weasel, goat hair, special bristles
Full length:173mm
Brush head diameter:5.2mm
Brush head length:24mm
Product Details:This brush was devised for writing sutras.

This brush has a strong, sharp tip that beautifully expresses the delicate block style lines characteristic of sutra writing.

The tip of the brush is strong and sharp, allowing for the beautiful expression of the delicate block style lines characteristic of Shakyo.
It is also suitable for writing small, ultra-fine characters for daily use.

Generally, only the tip is used.

CAT:Japanese calligraphy brushes

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¥2,860 ($19.16) tax included