SETSUGETSUKA (ink painting,calligraphy) / 雪月花

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Usage:japanese painting,ink painting,japanese characters,付立筆(tsuketate-fude)
Main raw material:black raccoon dog hair, black horse tail hair, deer hair, goat hair
Full length:295mm
Brush head diameter:7.9mm
Brush head length:52mm

Product Details:
The center of the brush tip is made of black raccoon dog and black horse tail hair, which have elasticity and strength, and have a good firmness at the tip and the waist.
It is also used as a brush for japanese characters.

The soft, long nib allows you to draw flowing lines.
The use of firm bristles in the center of the nib allows for thicker lines to be drawn.

This brush can continue to draw long lines, making it suitable for writing large picture letters, and in recent years, it has been widely used for unconventional design calligraphy.

They are also appreciated as gifts due to their beautiful appearance.

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¥7,700 ($51.59) tax included