MAKIE-FUDE super fine 30mm (gold or silver lacquer) / 蒔絵筆 極細

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Usage:Maki-e, kintsugi, line drawing
Main raw material:mink
Full length:243mm
Brush head length:30mm
Product Details:This brush is used for lacquer crafts and maki-e.
This brush has elasticity that does not lose to the viscosity of lacquer.
The tips of the bristles are sharp and flexible, and can be used to draw long, thin lines.
Also popular for kintsugi, a craft that uses lacquer!

The use of metal fittings makes it easy to wash and clean, even with oil-based paints.

The tips are long, but the bristles are strong and easy to control.
Popular not only for lacquer crafts, but also for all kinds of crafts.

*The bristles of this makie-fude brush have a habit, so some of the finished product may have a slightly bent tip.


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MAKIE-FUDE super fine 30mm

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¥1,100 ($8.36) tax included